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Food & Food Prep

Eliminate the risk of foodborne illness by killing 99.9% of some of the most harmful bacteria like Salmonella.


From the lobby to the check-in desk to guest rooms, OzoneOn Products are perfect for all hospitality needs.

Schools & Childcare

Little hands spread big germs. Protect your classroom and play areas without the risk of added chemicals.

Gyms & Spas

Whether it’s wiping down the free weights or making sure all spa surfaces are spotless, OzoneOn products work on multiple surface types.

Animal Care

If you’re a pet-friendly workplace, OzoneOn products are perfect for sanitising and deodorising to eliminate urine, faeces and vomit. It’s also safe to have around furry friends.


OzoneOn Products have a range of applications for the medical industry.

Public Venues

Use OzoneOn Products throughout your office, airport, or entertainment venue. Clean everything from elevator buttons and glass surfaces to stainless steel appliances with ease.

The Home

Keep your family and pets safe by using OzoneOn Products in kitchens, laundries, bathrooms and anywhere you can think of that needs sanitation and a clean environment.

Why is Ozone so amazing?

Ozone or O3, produced by OzoneOn Australia’s products, is made from water and air in the presence of an electrical charge. This electrical charge revolutionises the way people sanitise, deodorise and clean spaces. Ozone is O3, a molecule made up of three oxygen atoms. Ozone is a powerful natural sanitiser and oxidant. The complete life-cycle of ozone consists of generation, then oxidation, followed by the return to oxygen. This process kills 99.9% of some of the most harmful bacteria that is harmful to all of us. It is 3,000 times more effective at killing bacteria than chlorine.

Used for Over 100 years in the Medical Industry

A trusted hygienic and sanitary option in Asia, Europe and the U.S, Ozonation is a proven water treatment process that has been used commercially for more than 100 years.

The benefits of using Ozone


OzoneOn kills 99.9% of some of the most harmful pathogens when used as directed.


Attack unwanted odours with the use of ozone without the need for added fragrances or dyes.


OzoneOn Product’s cleaning power eliminates the need for added synthetic chemicals and leaves behind zero residue.

No training necessary​

Sanitation shouldn’t be complicated. OzoneOn Products eliminate the need for complex cleaning processes providing users with simple, on-demand cleaning solutions. Simplify your cleaning process with OzoneOn Australia.

Sustainability in action​

Using our products helps eliminate waste production and ultimately your carbon footprint. Save money and help save the world!​

Multi-purpose sanitiser​

Eliminate the need for multiple additional sanitisers. With our products, kill 99.9% of many harmful microbes in under 30 seconds.

No chemical additives​

Ozone is a non-synthetic cleaner that does not need any added fragrances or dyes to sanitise and deodorise. Clean with confidence and no added chemicals.​

A safer alternative​

Reduce skin, breathing and eye hazards on-the-job with OzoneOn Australia products. Using ozone compared to other chemical cleaners can help reduce workplace illness and allergies.

Top-notch engineering​

OzoneOn Australia product engineers are constantly testing ways to better improve how the world cleans.

Make the world a better place​

Our products are chemical and toxin free. It is revolutionising the future of healthy living, sustainability and saving the planet. Join us in our mission to help make the world a better place!

We absolutely love OzoneOn Australia’s Products.


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