Ozone comes in two forms Gaseous and Aqueous (in Water). It is a naturally occurring chemical but can also be manmade. Ozone is O3. A molecule made up of 3 oxygen atoms, it is a gas that is colourless with a distinct pleasing scent. Aqueous Ozone is the end result of water and air that has had an electrical charge pass through it. It is known as natures most effective and natural sanitiser.

Aqueous ozone (AO) has TGA Registration in Australia. Working as a sanitizer, deodorizer and cleaner, it contains no additives, fragrances or dyes. This means that there is nothing added to the solution that may cause skin, eye or respiratory irritation. 0zone is a biodegradable substance that does not leave behind any residues that would attract dirt into your facility or home. Since Ozone replaces various cleaners like glass, stainless steel and other multi-purpose cleaners, our OzoneOn products help reduce both the synthetic chemicals used for cleaning as well as the number of plastic bottles purchased.
By nature, ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, meaning it can cause chemical changes through oxygen. When ozone encounters soils, pathogens and microbes that cause odours or illness, it reacts with them and changes their characteristics. AO adds oxygen to odorants to remove their smell and attacks bacterial cell walls, killing the pathogens completely. The killing process of oxidation with ozone does not contribute to antibiotic resistance.
Ozone has proven efficacy in killing up to 99.9% E Coli, Staph A, Salmonella, Klebsiella, Pneumonia, Enterobacter Aerogenes, Ozone has also been proven in the control of SARS virus .Ozone is also effective in removing 85% of pesticides from Fruit and vegetables.
Many people believe that Ozone has the smell of freshly cut grass or Watermelon. The smell in the air after an electrical storm is Ozone.


Ozone has been used and studied for over 100 Years, there are many studies proving the safety and effectiveness of Ozone, our Website will provide additional resources on where to find these studies.
Ozone becomes active once an electrical charge passes through the water molecule, it then turns into the active ingredient O₃. Once Aqueous ozone is passed through a tap, shower, hose or spray bottle it remains active for approximately 15-20 minutes. After 15 minutes the 0₃ molecule starts to dissipates and returns to its original form of O₂ which in turn returns your water to H2o or pure drinking water.
Aqueous Ozone is Natural, it is a powerful natural disinfectant that is non toxic, environmentally friendly, and gentle on the skin. Aqueous Ozone has a better kill rate on bacteria than hand santiser but as a natural product does not cause adverse skin conditions such as eczema, or dermatitis. It also has the added benefit of removing odours that are caused by Bacteria leaving areas that are often associated with.
Ozone is effective on all surfaces including carpet, tiles, wood, benches, food prep areas, bathrooms, appliances, toothbrush, hands, feet, hair, furniture, food items, bottles, toys, animals… the list is endless!
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Product  Use 

Depending upon which device you have purchased there will be a way that you can tell the Oxone is working. For tapware- for retro fit generators – a blue light will illuminate to show you that your Ozone is on and working. If you have purchased a Touch screen the image on the screen will show you which level of Ozone you are operating with. You ill also be able to smell the Ozone flowing through your water.
Every product that we sell comes complete with a full user manual.

Customer  Service 

If you have any problems or questions regarding your product please check our trouble shooting guide or contact our customer service department on 1300 696 636.
All products have a warranty Depending upon which product you have purchased. Our products all attract a minimum warranty of 12 months.

Destroy harmful bacteria and pathogens with a non-toxic sanitiser!