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AirTeck 100

Wall-Mounted Trioxygen generator unit

The AirTeck 100 destroys harmful micro-organisms with which it comes into contact with and breaks down odour causing compounds – therefore neutralising the unpleasant smells they produce.

The AirTeck 100 air purifier eliminates almost all stubborn odours. Wall mounted, this odour control unit will automatically clear the room of almost any airborne pollutants and bacteria, maintaining a set level of trioxygen wherever it is installed.

  • Ideal for corridors and larger reception areas in hotels, care homes and student accommodation.
  • Washrooms and public toilets.
  • Waiting areas in Vets and Doctors surgeries.
  • Static Caravans.
  • Dedicated smoking areas

The AirTeck 100 can be used as a “free standing unit”, making it easy to use from room to room. It can be used in occupied areas.

This product has a programmable timer allowing you to choose to when to use it, can also been set to run 24/7 days a week.

Dependent on room size and the severity of the odour, users can set the unit to produce enough trioxygen to cover an area of between 10 – 150 cubic metres.

The versatility of this air purifier means the scope for application is vast, the AirTeck 100 is used internationally in many different business sectors and is also perfect for the home and office areas, where there are odour issues. Such as:

  • Canteens and designated eating areas.
  • Dedicated smoking rooms.
  • Pet areas
  • Washrooms and toilets.
  • SO SIMPLE GreenTeck trioxygen generators simply plug into a normal plug socket
  • SO CLEAN Trioxygen is extremely powerful, safe and effective
  • SO GREEN Trioxygen is 100% natural and pure
  • SO EFFICIENT Trioxygen doesn’t just mask odours, pathogens and bacteria, TRIOXYGEN DESTROYS THEM.
  • SO COST-EFFECTIVE Trioxygen generators effectively run on air with no expensive chemicals or manual cleaning required, making the whole process incredibly easy and cost-effective

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