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Enozo Inline DUDK

Revolutionising cleaning, sanitising and odour control in toilets & washrooms.

Sanitises, cleans and removes odours from men’s toilets and urinals.
Sanitises uric acid and urine odour.
Effectively DESTROYS odours – unlike conventional air- fresheners that only mask odours.
100% natural cleaning and sanitising – no chemicals, no COSHH.

Works faster and more effectively than environmentally harmful chemical cleaning solutions such as bleach and chlorine.

The global patent diamond technology unique to the DUDK system, makes it simple and easy to install and extremely cost efficient to operate.

No COSHH – no worries about mixing and handling dangerous chemicals and the associated health hazards to staff, customers and guests.

Lower carbon footprint involved in purchasing, transporting, storing, mixing, using and disposing of chemicals and their associated packaging.

No mixing, rinsing, fumes or toxins. No corrosive effects of chemicals on the surfaces and equipment.

1 Cartridge = 187,000 litres water through the system.


How it works

The DUDK system is simply connected to the mains water supply to the restroom.
The water initially passes through a ‘Flow Saver’ that monitors the flow of water to minimise wastage.
The ‘Flow Saver’ is activated either on a pre-set timer or by movement – such as someone using the urinal.

After the ‘Flow Saver’, the water passes through the DUDK system, which separates the hydrogen and oxygen in the water (H2O) via electrolysis. As the hydrogen disperses, the additional oxygen ions join to form trioxygen (O3) in the water, known as aqueous ozone.

100% natural – no chemicals – the ozonated water kills the bacteria and the trioxygen gas destroys odours.
The aqueous ozone fills the cistern ready for use.


Continuous cleansing and sanitising

From the moment the aqueous ozone is created it starts to work cleaning and sanitising everything it comes into contact with. When flushing, the aqueous ozone cleans and sanitises the entire system – cistern, pipes, sparge, water trap, even the waste-water pipe work to the drain.

Aqueous ozone is extremely effective in breaking down the uric acid crystals.
The effect on the system is constant and improving constantly over time as the aqueous ozone keeps cleaning and sanitising.

The O3 molecule is not only the most powerful known sanitiser, it also actually destroy odours.

  • No plastic container
  • No harmful chemicals to be mixed, stored or discarded
  • Low maintenance, easy to install, improved cost efficiency

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